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About Checkpoint Surgical

State-of-the-art technology to safely help protect nerves intraoperatively

Each year millions of surgeries are performed that carry significant risk of intraoperative nerve injury or require precise nerve exploration and repair. The standard of care across surgical specialties encourages surgeons to actively identify and protect nerves during surgery. At Checkpoint Surgical, our mission is to advance the practice of neuroprotective surgery by providing surgeons with state-of-the-art technology to safely and cost-effectively help protect and repair nerves intraoperatively.

We Believe

Using Checkpoint products is the best method for protecting nerves during surgery. Our handheld, surgeon controlled nerve stimulation/monitoring devices provide surgeons with real time, reliable and reproducible data regarding nerve structures in the surgical field.

Reducing Risk

There are cases where the anatomy is altered and nerves are obscured by scar tissue as a result of a previous surgery, traumatic injury, disease, or medical treatment. In these cases surgeons use Checkpoint devices to safely and reliably aid in the location, mapping and identification of nerves in the surgical site.

Repairing Damage

In nerve repair surgery, Checkpoint devices help surgeons to assess nerve continuity and excitability to determine the appropriate surgical pathway. Watch these two videos tell inspiring stories of two remarkable patients and how their surgeon, using Checkpoint, had a powerful impact on their lives.