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Musculocutaneous Nerve Repair Secondary to Latarjet procedure
Acute TMR Video
Amazing Grace – Post Op Nerve Grafting
Anterior Interosseous Nerve to Ulnar Motor Nerve Transfer
ASPN 2017: Dr. Jason Ko
Dr. Ko discusses his use of the Checkpoint in Nerve Transfers and TMR ...
ASSH 2016 – Dr. Michael Hausman, MD
Intraoperative nerve assessment and clinical decision-making is addressed as ...
ASSH 2016 – Dr. Scott Kozin, MD
The program discussed and demonstrated the use of the Checkpoint Nerve ...
Case Western Reserve University oral and maxillofacial surgery
Parotidectomy highlighting regional stimulation for mapping facial nerve ...
Biphasic vs. Direct Current Stimulation
A comparison of biphasic and direct current intraoperative stimulation
Brachial Plexus Nerve Repair Procedure
Intraoperative nerve assessment
Brief Comparison of Checkpoint to DC Stimulator in Open Elbow Procedure
Intraoperative nerve localization through tissue, nerve mapping
Checkpoint 9094 Compilation Video
A montage of surgical videos with Checkpoint #9094
Checkpoint 9094 Comprehensive Training Video
Our complete training video for Checkpoint 9094
Checkpoint Commentary
World renown surgeon Dr. Scott Kozin discusses why he uses Checkpoint
Checkpoint Comprehensive Instructional Video – Section 1
Overview of typical use scenerios
Checkpoint Comprehensive Instructional Video – Section 2
General use instructions
Checkpoint Comprehensive Instructional Video – Section 3
Use of Checkpoint in Nerve Localization
Checkpoint Comprehensive Instructional Video – Section 4
Using Checkpoint for Intra-operative Assessment of Nerve Excitability
Checkpoint Comprehensive Instruction Video – Section 5
Using Checkpoint in Evaluation of Muscle Excitability
Checkpoint Head & Neck Montage
Various applications of Checkpoint Head & Neck
Checkpoint Head & Neck Overview
A brief review of the device's clinical utility and most useful features to a ...
Checkpoint Overview
An overview of the Checkpoint Nerve Stimulator/Locator including indications ...
Checkpoint Head & Neck – Parotid
Use of Checkpoint in Total Parotidectomy
Chronic Shoulder Fracture and Dislocation, Axillary Nerve Paresis, Neurolysis and Open Reduction
Confirmation of Tendon for Grafting
Intraoperative tissue testing to confirm the safety and integrity of at risk ...
COSM Symposium – 2018
Presented by Dr. Salvatore Caruana, MD, Director of Head & Neck surgery at ...
Dr. Julie Bishop – ASES 2018
Dr. Bishop discusses her paper demonstrating the use of Checkpoint in Laterjet ...
Extensor Tendon Repair and Intraoperative Functional Assessment
Intraoperative functional assessment of extensor tendon repair by direct ...
Facial Nerve Transfer, Intraoperative Nerve Assessment
Intraoperative nerve function testing and nerve branch selection
Femoral Nerve Video
Intraoperative nerve assessment, nerve threshold testing, neurolysis, ...
Femoral Nerve Neurolysis
Femoral nerve fascicle stimulation using both a direct current stimulator and ...
Free Gracilis Muscle Transfer, Stage II Tenolysis
Intraoperative direct muscle stimulation to assess tenolysis
Hamstring Repair
Using Checkpoint #9094 in a Hamstring Repair procedure
Hausman Manaul – Total Hip
Hausman manual – Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff
Hausman Manual – Biceps to Triceps
Hausman Manual – Deltopectoral Interval
Hausman Manual – Hamstring Repair
Hausman Manual – Humeral Lengthening
Hausman Manual – Lipoma Excision
Hausman Manual – Musculoctaneous Neurolysis
Hausman Manual – PIN and Radial Nerve
Hausman Manual – Reverse TSA
Hausman Manual – Revision TEA
Humeral Fracture
Repair of Humeral fracture using Checkpoint #9094
Intrinsic Versus Extrinsic Finger Movement
Lymph Node dissection near axillary nerve
Lymph Node dissection near Femoral Nerve
Mandibular Tumor Resection -Case Report, Dale Baur
Intraoperative nerve localization and mapping
Median Motor to Brachialis Nerve Transfer
Motor Nerve Identification using Checkpoint Simulator
Nerve Transfer: Ulnar Motor Nerve Fascicle to Biceps Motor Nerve (Oberlin Transfer)
Pediatric Oberlin Nerve Transfer
Intraoperative assessment of musculocutaneous nerve function and isolation of ...
Peroneal Nerve Stim
Posterior Interosseous and Radial Nerve Assessment
Functional nerve assessment and functional motor response
Radial to Axillary Nerve Transfer, Pediatric Shoulder Dislocation, Axillary Nerve Paresis
Short Version
Radial to Axillary Nerve Transfer, Pediatric Shoulder Dislocation, Axillary Nerve Paresis
Intraoperative radial nerve branch selection and viability testing. Scott ...
Radial to Median and Ulnar Nerve Transfers, Radian Nerve Branch Testing
Intraoperative radial nerve branch stimulation and selection
Reverse Total Shoulder, Revision Hemi Arthroplasty, Case Report – Michael Hausman
Intraoperative Axillary Nerve threshold tesing, Reverse TSA Implant sizing
Revision Elbow Surgery (Nerve Mapping)
This video demonstrates the use of Checkpoint for nerve mapping in revision ...
Revision Total Elbow Arthroplasty -Case Report, Michael Hausman
Intraoperative ulnar nerve localization and mapping, nerve function testing
Shoulder Dislocation with Brachial Plexus Injury, Case Report, Michael Hausman, MD
Brachial Plexus Intraoperative nerve assessment, nerve threshold testing, ...
Spinal Accessory to Suprascapular Nerve Transfer
Spinal Accessory to Suprascapular Transfer via Anterior Approach
Split Median Nerve Graft -Case Report, Scott Kozin, MD and Dan Zlotolow, MD
Intraoperative sensory and motor nerve isolation, median sensory nerve graft
Split Median Nerve Grafting
Tendon Transfer and Intraoperative Functional Assessment
Intraoperative muscle stimulation and tendon transfer assessment
Tendon Transfer – Biceps to Triceps, Intraoperative Functional Assessment
Intraoperative muscle stimulation and tendon transfer assessment
Using Checkpoint for intraoperative functional assessment of Recurrent ...
Tinel’s Sign
Total Face Transplant -Case Report, University of Maryland Medical Center, Eduardo D. Rodriguez
Intraoperative nerve localization and identification
Total Hip Arthroplasty, Prevention of Over Distraction in Revision and Hip Dysplasia Cases
intraoperative sciatic nerve function assessment following hip implant placement
Ulnar Motor to Triceps Nerve Transfer
Ulnar Nerve Paresis and Repair following Elbow Fracture Dislocation
Intraoperative nerve function and threshold testing with neurolysis
Ulnar Nerve Paresis and Repair Secondary to Trauma and Open Bone Fracture
Intraoperative nerve localization, nerve function testing and nerve grafting
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